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Still a little green but footgolf has come a fair way in no time

FootGolf is gaining traction as a popular alternative to some of the country’s more dominant traditional sports. We spoke to UK FootGolf Association Head of UK Development, Gareth May, to find out more about this new leisure activity, which is helping to reduce inactivity levels by getting people off their sofas and into the great outdoors….

Birmingham’s blueprint for behaviour change

Eighty per cent of Birmingham’s 1.1 million residents are inactive. Head of Wellbeing at Birmingham City Council Karen Creavin discusses the initiatives that are helping to break down the multiple barriers to physical activity in England’s second city….

A nation full of the joys of spring thanks to new craze

A new craze is sweeping the nation, which is having a positive impact on people’s exercise habits and is helping strike a blow against public enemy number one: sedentary behaviour and obesity. Giant indoor trampoline parks are springing up all over the country and children – and adults too – are jumping at the chance to get active.

Evolution of the modern children’s coach

Coaches shoulder a huge responsibility by endeavouring to help children develop both as well-rounded individuals and proficient athletes. Cutting edge coach education is vital to the success of that process. Which is why UK Coaching has developed a new ‘Coaching Children 5–12: The Next Generation’ workshop, which provides modern children’s coaches with all the information they need to make the sporting experience fun and fulfilling for themselves and their participants.

Having a great old time: Over-55s dance their way to health and happiness

Yorkshire Dance has taken all the correct steps to ensure older people in the region develop healthier habits. ‘Strictly fun dancing’ would be one way to describe its intervention programmes, which are aimed at providing dancing activity for older adults who have limited access to dance. The sessions earn perfect 10s across the board from those who participate….

Behaviour change: Making headway the Redway way

A case study featuring Redway Runners, from Milton Keynes, who are utilising the EAST behaviour change framework to motivate and inspire their beginner running groups. As we are reminded daily, we have turned into a nation of slackers and lazy bums. A corrosive social (or should that be slothful?) revolution…

An important subject: Rising support for raising status of PE

We talked to Julie George, a teacher with 25 years’ experience as a PE Subject Leader, to gauge opinion on the influence and standing of physical education in primary schools, and explore the vital role PE can play in reversing the trend towards inactive lifestyles….

Weight lifting going from strength to strength

In part two of our interview with British Weight Lifting CEO Ashley Metcalfe, we look at the growth of British gym culture and how the governing body is capitalising on that interest to boost involvement in the sport. We also examine the importance of a strong qualification structure and how the rise in the numbers of people – particularly women – lifting weights is being aligned with an increase in qualified coaches in order to maximise the expansion of the sport at both grass-roots and elite levels….

The sport where lbs and £s are worth their weight in gold

British Weight Lifting CEO Ashley Metcalfe details the make or break impact funding can have on governing bodies’ elite and grass-roots programmes. The ramifications for British Weight Lifting are laid bare in the wake of the latest cycle of allocations from UK Sport and Sport England….

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