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RFL careful to consider human impact of participation schemes

Creating the fan before the player is a founding principle of the Rugby Football League’s Sky Try campaign, serving as a glowing example of how the success of a participation project should be measured by more than simply statistics. As part of the RFL’s ongoing journey to swell the ‘rugby league family’, RFL Development Director Sarah-Jane Gray says providing social impact and memorable personal experiences also count towards a scheme’s success….

We spell out our fab four coaching frameworks

There are some four-letter words that coaches swear by. This quick guide is designed to help coaches dip their toes into the wonderful world of mnemonic acronyms, which provide a powerful framework for structuring your coaching sessions. …

Great Britain coach reveals full extent of the transformative power of boxing

Boxing consistently punches above its weight. Just as Muhammad Ali is often described as a sportsman who transcended boxing, so boxing has the power to transcend sport, with its unparalleled ability to transform troubled lives. Here, Q Shillingford MBE draws on countless examples from his own experiences as a top amateur fighter and elite coach to show how boxing consistently packs a powerful and positive punch….

The green, green grass of home being devoured by urban sprawl. At what cost to our children?

The growing scourge of urbanisation is stifling our children’s physical, mental, creative and social development. The more it invades our communities, and the more green spaces are destroyed, the less chance there is of our young generation making physical activity a staple part of their daily lives. Here is my personal take on why we must protect our open spaces, with some inspirational examples of how the sector is doing a fantastic job of mitigating the problem….

Mounting evidence to support the implementation of Physically Active Learning in the classroom

Leading researchers and practitioners from across England who specialise in physically active learning congregated at Leeds Beckett University for a seminar and workshop to discuss the development of strategies aimed at increasing physical activity levels in schools – with children in the UK among the least active in the developed world. Presentations showcased the current research into; knowledge on; potential of and the barriers to implementing physically active learning in lessons….

The mother of all sporting summers. But what next for women’s sport?

2017 has been an outstanding vintage. Our premier crew of women’s sports stars took the summer by storm and the nation was gripped, cheerleading them from the terraces and their armchairs in record numbers. Their exploits captured the attention of the media like never before, and broadcasters were forced to sit up and take notice. The recently established TeamUp campaign aims to ride this wave of publicity and capitalise on the achievements before these golden memories have time to fade….

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