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The mother of all sporting summers. But what next for women’s sport?

2017 has been an outstanding vintage. Our premier crew of women’s sports stars took the summer by storm and the nation was gripped, cheerleading them from the terraces and their armchairs in record numbers. Their exploits captured the attention of the media like never before, and broadcasters were forced to sit up and take notice. The recently established TeamUp campaign aims to ride this wave of publicity and capitalise on the achievements before these golden memories have time to fade….

Tagtiv8 activates areas classroom teaching can’t reach

Former teacher Bryn Llewellyn discusses Tagtiv8, his bespoke active learning resource that builds children’s confidence in key areas of the curriculum through physical activity. A research study evaluating the impact of Tagtiv8 lessons on physical activity and academic performance was carried out by Leeds Beckett University, and provided evidence to support the assertion that exercise improves brain function….

Hugely successful StreetGames programme opens doors for disadvantaged youth

We shine the spotlight on the pioneering Doorstep Sport Club Programme. StreetGames Strategic Lead James Gregory tells us how the charity has attracted more than 102,000 14-25 year olds into sport by supporting a network of community organisations to provide informal sports and physical activity opportunities delivered ‘at the right time, in the right place, in the right style, at the right price, by the right leader’. …

The importance of exposing children to physical activity in the first ten years

The first ten years is a defining decade in life – a critical development period when behaviours and values are most easily learned and established. Professor Richard Bailey advocates why positive exposure to physical activity and sport during the early years increases the likelihood of staying active through life and provides a blueprint for nurturing the next generation and maximising childhood potential….

A striking partnership that is breaking down barriers through football

Leicestershire Police Force, Leicester City FC and the Premier League have formed a strategic partnership that uses football to unite, educate and engage young people living in the most deprived areas of the city. In this blog we examine the delivery methods of Leicester City FC Community Trust and the youth engagement strategies the Police are using to reduce crime and increase community cohesion….

Mums’ Team participation programme hits the right note

Valuable lessons can be learnt from community intervention projects past and present. We run the rule over the successful Yorkshire Sport Foundation Mums’ Team initiative to emphasise the importance of collaboration between industry professionals as they endeavour to create a more active nation and a broader coaching workforce….

Still a little green but footgolf has come a fair way in no time

FootGolf is gaining traction as a popular alternative to some of the country’s more dominant traditional sports. We spoke to UK FootGolf Association Head of UK Development, Gareth May, to find out more about this new leisure activity, which is helping to reduce inactivity levels by getting people off their sofas and into the great outdoors….

Birmingham’s blueprint for behaviour change

Eighty per cent of Birmingham’s 1.1 million residents are inactive. Head of Wellbeing at Birmingham City Council Karen Creavin discusses the initiatives that are helping to break down the multiple barriers to physical activity in England’s second city….

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