Here at Coachwise, we’re a vibrant mix of over 80 diverse people, hailing from a range of backgrounds. That’s what makes it so interesting to work here.

Coachwise Team

We’re a people business dedicated to empowering others to inspire a more active nation.

This inspiring purpose is helping us to build a sustainable business that is fit for the future.

A strong, collaborative work ethic is what characterises life at Coachwise. Together, we achieve more than any of us could ever imagine doing as individuals. The rewards and job satisfaction come from seeing the impact of our collective hard work and clear thinking.

Coachwise: is it a good place to work?

Coachwise is a company that cares about it’s people and works hard to make Coachwise an enjoyable and supportive place to work.

Here are some stats which will help you make up your own mind.

  • The average length of service is nine years.
  • Coachwise annual average sickness is 2.8 days against a national average of 6.9 days.

What’s more, Coachwise is a responsible company, truly embracing diversity and working hard to reduce its carbon footprint.

Health and Wellbeing

Coachwise is serious about supporting employees’ health, welfare and wellbeing.

Here are some examples of Coachwise policies and benefits which support positive health and encourage a work-life balance.

Giving Something Back

The good people at Coachwise are a friendly bunch too. We initiate all sorts of activities you could get involved with to help good causes and raise funds for charitable causes.