Sport England

Sport England and sports coach UK recognised that coaching is critical to the success of any youth sports session and has a strong bearing on inspiring and motivating children to keep physically fit and active.

The clients wanted to create an accessible and attention-grabbing piece of online content that got across some simple messages to coaches.


Their research showed that a positive experience for one young person might differ from that of another. They wanted to show coaches that youngsters seek meaningful experiences from sport and need a reason to come back next week.

The digital animation that was to become known as ‘Making your sessions unmissable’ was born.


Our digital lead led the process in several creative sessions and came up with a storyboard and a clearly defined ‘look and feel’ to the project. Throughout, the repeated question asked of us was, ‘How can we say this in a visual way?’

We set about bringing this to life, producing a bright, playful, engaging animation with embedded music, which delivered the key messages in clear, succinct, punchy steps.

The first stage was a step-by-step storyboard to bring the ideas to life in a visuakl way. Once that stage was complete, we set about the painstaking animation process using cutting edge software and digital animation techniques.

Finally, we also produced an accompanying ‘further information’ document, giving more detail and discussing some of the animation’s main points in depth.


The feedback from the client was overwhelmingly positive – so much so that it led to the production of two more similar style animations as part of what became a mini series.

Check out this stunning animation for yourself!