At Coachwise, looking after the planet is important to us. We are working hard to minimise our carbon footprint.

Creating Woodland

Much of our output is digital. That said, many people still prefer a paper version to reference, especially when on a training course or at a conference. That means, we print on paper.

Coachwise mitigates the carbon dioxide produced during the production of paper we use through the Woodland Trust’s carbon capture scheme. So when we procure print, for Coachwise or on behalf of client organisations, we put money back into the Woodland Trust to create more woodland.

In the first ten weeks of being part of the scheme, we enabled the planting of 57m2 of new native woodland in the UK, meaning we removed 2,286 Kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.


Our warehousing team are working hard towards making sure we recycle all our paper, cardboard and any plastics waste.

We recycle/recover 85% of our dry waste, reducing our carbon emissions through landfill diversion. This equates to an average of 595 Kg of carbon saved per month.

85% of our dry waste is recycled

When it comes to pallets, we give surplus pallets firstly to local hero, Peter Cliffe, who upcycles them to raise funds for the wonderful St Gemma’s Hospice, for terminally ill patients. The rest are returned to a yard to be re-used.

Our Commitment to Greener Transport

Coachwise operates the government’s Cycle to Work scheme, enabling employees to get a bike tax-free as well as safety and security accessories, saving between 25-42%. The Coachwise site also provides facilities for cyclists.

Coachwise does not have its own vehicles but we do use third party suppliers to deliver our parcels. We use delivery partners, who are working hard at turning green: Royal Mail and ParcelForce .