Accessible products and services for physical activity

A Diverse Audience

We are passionate about designing for diversity.

The community role-models  in modern Britain who inspire others to get active come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By day they may be doctors, youth workers, students, shop assistants, engineers, teachers etc. What’s clear is they all have different skills, different opinions and different way of seeing things.

We are working hard to ensure our products and services resonate with, and are accessible to, this hugely diverse range of people.

Accessibility Improvements

Here’s how we are making learning and service provision more accessible.

  • We actively support our partner organisations to make adjustments to their provision to meet the needs of people with different disabilities. This enables our partners to welcome more people on to their programmes.
  • Our web services display gracefully on desktops, tablets and mobiles and we test load speeds. They are supported on the main browsers. This includes recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • We strive to meet the priority 1 and 2 guidelines defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines especially for members who are blind or have impaired vision.
  • When it comes to the creation of our learner materials, we adhere to the accessibility guidance from the The English Federation of Disability Sport’s excellent Inclusive Communications Guide.
  • We are designing our digital products to work with screenreaders. We avoid unnecessary punctuation and text speak. Unsurprisingly, listening to ‘asterix, asterix, explanation mark’ repeatedly through a screen reader is not an enjoyable experience.

Embracing Diversity at Work

At Coachwise, we are a diverse bunch. That’s what makes it so interesting to work here.

Coachwise works hard to earn and retain an inclusive culture. Our people represent a broad range of ages, abilities, ethnicity and interests. We all hail from a range of backgrounds – learning, publishing, digital, sports, business, customer service etc.

‘For Coachwise, diversity means embracing the different backgrounds, skills, knowledge, personalities and experience of our staff and recognising the huge benefits these bring in helping us to realise our common vision.’ Jill Scoltock, Corporate Services Director

Our Facilities

We strive to make our facilities as accessible to as many people as possible and we are committed to making adjustments wherever possible to meet individual needs.

Here are some examples of what’s in place at the Coachwise offices in Leeds. We have:

  • adjusted the facilities for wheelchair users
  • optimised signage and installed coloured manifestation on glass areas for those with visual impairments
  • additional handrails for those with mobility difficulties.
  • a fixed hearing loop in the main meeting room and a portable device for other areas to support those with a hearing impairment.
Coachwise is a great place to work.

Our employees value the the rewards that come from working here.