About Us

We believe physical activity is a wonderful catalyst for nurturing body and mind. It has the power to enrich everyone’s life.

We’re on a mission to help more people and organisations inspire active communities across the nation.

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Our Beliefs

Positive, community role-models – such as coaches, teachers, instructors or health professionals have the power to make a lasting difference.

Their positive words can elevate people and give children gifts that last a lifetime. A ‘physical-activity habit’; community cohesion; qualities such as fairness and respect; or lasting friendships are just some outcomes activity leaders can facilitate. We believe more community role-models would achieve this if they felt better supported.

So what do we do to help?

We develop products and services that support more people and organisations to foster active communities.

That’s the essence of what we do. But it’s just about facilitating a course, isn’t it – just someone telling others how to teach a skill or technique?

For us, it’s much more. We believe everything we facilitate is an opportunity to open up possibilities – to help people grow in confidence, get better at what they do and connect through the medium of physical activity. When community leaders grow in confidence and feel better connected, they will achieve amazing things for their local communities.

Our Responsibility

Coachwise has strong ethics. We do things that are good and kind to people.

Helping people and organisations to get more people healthy and active is our raison d’être. It’s what we do.

But we take our wider responsibilities seriously too, which earns Coachwise the broader respect of its customers, partners, and employees. We achieve this by embracing diversity in everything we do, taking data privacy very seriously and reducing our carbon footprint.

Working Together

So we’re a people business working to help others inspire active communities.

We know we can’t do this alone. But together, with our partner organisations, we can achieve more than we could ever imagine doing alone.

That’s why we work hard at being strong collaborators continually finding new opportunities to work with people and organisations – from a range of sectors.

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