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The Job

The sports coach UK website generates thousands of newsletter subscribers. Coachwise suggested that, as part of its offering to its members, sports coach UK sent out a revamped newsletter.

The Solution

Coachwise developed a dynamic e-newsletter designed in line with the client's brand guidelines and adding value to the sports coach UK offering.

We manage the whole e-marketing process surrounding the production of sports coach UK’s e-newsletter. We can supply statistics that provide instant feedback on audience response to news stories and articles featured in the newsletter, in addition to benchmarking with relevant industry results.

Our e-marketing team ensures strict adherence to emailing rules and regulations, complying with strict SPAM guidelines. Managing valuable customer data for the client, Coachwise offers a complete service for sports coach UK.

The Results/Benefits

The e-newsletters drive web traffic to the sports coach UK website and generate interest in specific parts of the website. Open, click-through rates and time-on-site statistics are all above benchmark, with unsubscribe rates at an extremely low level. Web analytics and click-through rates have already helped to shape editorial decisions for future e-newsletters, which has resulted in a high-value membership communication that attracts a consistently high readership.

What the Client Says

“The design and the flexibility the newsletter format provides us with is a great improvement on previous versions. With Coachwise’s know-how we’ve been able to learn what our members want to read about and drive more traffic to our website instantly – a cost-effective and valuable tool that’s already been worth our (minimal) investment.”
sports coach UK

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sports coach UK

sports coach UK enewsletter

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"With Coachwise’s know-how we’ve been able to learn what our members want to read about and drive more traffic to our website."

sports coach UK

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